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    Wuxi Unifor Technology Co.,Ltd., a company produces the metric and imperial series rod end and joint bearing according to the international standards.


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    +86 510 85071345
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     Wuxi Unifor Technology Co., Ltd.

    212# Chengnan Road, Xingwu District Wuxi 214028, Jiangsu China

     Ph: +86-510 8507 1345, Fax: +86-510 8513 6215 

    Email: unifor01@163.com

    Http:// www.entartetekunst.net


    About Us

        Wuxi Unifor Technology Co.,Ltd. It is a company that produces the metric and the imperial series rod end and joint bearing according to international standards. Products are mainly exported to Europe, the United States and the domestic market. These products include series stainless steel, high strength alloy steel and ordinary medium carbon steel rod end and joint bearing. It can meet the different requirements from the economical to the high precision, the ordinary load to the heavy load, the common environment to the corrosion environment and the low temperature to the high temperature working conditions. PTFE self-lubricating material woven with high strength fibers by bonding process has ultra-high wear resistance and is suitable for heavy load or high wear and oil-free lubrication conditions. It is widely welcomed by British users. The DU bronze PTFE composites with inlaid structure have the characteristics of low cost and long life, and are favored by the users of metric system.
        Unifor Technology We have a team of experienced engineers and technicians who have a profound understanding of the products and have a strong ability to innovate. From product selection, design, manufacturing to quality control and other aspects to ensure that products can win customers' favorite. It is not only products, but also services and wisdom.
        Located in Wuxi, a scenic and brilliant shore of Lake Taihu, Uniform Technology has a very convenient transportation network.
        We welcome your inquiry and sincerely thank you for your business opportunity.

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